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Friday, February 20, 2009

Conscience Pictures

The painting below is an acryllic which needs fish finishing and coral in the forground. I am so used to the workability of oils that I find working in acryllic quite a challenge but I have always wanted to paint an underwater scene so I must persevere. I love the ease with which you can do glazes in acryllic. I have used some gold and silver paint on some of the fish which is exciting I think!!

The picture below is a pastel which I am reworking. I have redone the background in the style of a Harley Brown but I now need to do something with the foreground which suits the rest of the picture. Not the way I normally approach a picture.

The picture below needs the clouds finishing; the water in the forground; and boats silhouetted against the water and sky.

The picture below needs work done on the rosella and mans hand before it is finished. Work is yet to be done on the shirt collar as well.

I have decided to use my blog as motivation to finish a few paintings which have been on the easel for a long time. I am posting them here in their unfinished state and over time you should see them finished one by one.

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