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Monday, June 1, 2009

Trusty Steeds

Stage 2 - More colour is applied. Trial and error sometimes to find or create the correct hue!!

Stage 1 - Outline is drawn and under colour is applied.

I couldn't resist posting the beginnings of this pastel even though the photos are not accurate colour. Today is dark and rainy in Brisbane and so the background colour does not appear as it should a rich burnt umber. Probably something to do with the settings used on my camera as well!! If you enjoyed this post please consider becoming a follower of my blog. See the Followers section down the right side of my blog. You may like to add me to you own blog. If So my link is


  1. Hi Sally. Your work is awesome. I only dream of getting to where you are with this fine art.
    Here is the link to get your playlist. It's easy...if you need help. just leave a message for me.

    Thank you for visitng my blog.

  2. Beautiful. I can't wait to see your next update.

  3. Thankyou for the link Dors. I will have to put the horses aside now as I have a new commission to finish by June 13. Hope I can get it done in time!!

  4. Hi sally,
    It's coming out great. Even i'm anxious to see ur next update.

  5. Hi Sally, love the detail in your work, you really capture the essence of an animal.
    I also use pastels and do pet portraits, wildlife, horses, etc and just started my own 'blog'site-
    It's wonderful to see the talent out there in 'blog land'.Looking forward to seeing your finished horse portrait. Cheers Lindy


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