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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Le Tour?

Here is a 'Rough as guts' idea or concept plan of my next painting. I hope I am up to it!! It will be oil on canvas 48x24inches. The next step is to prepare the canvas. (I have the frame together already to stretch the canvas over.) Then after priming the canvas I will sketch the drawing up roughly before I begin the background in paint. If you enjoyed this post please consider becoming a follower of my blog. See the Followers section down the right side of my blog. You may like to add me to you own blog. If So my link is


  1. I am really looking forward to seeing this...You will be up to it Sally and I know you will do a great job.

  2. nice design. Will be interesting to see how it comes off. I like the concept. Good luck.

  3. Thanks Dors and Gary! I have some ideas on how to acheive what I want and I will post them soon!


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