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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Le Tour Stages 2 & 3

Step 3

Step 2

Here is the beginings of glaze application. I have to keep reminding myself that a painting is never 'stuffed' it is just not finished! My intention is to apply many layers of glazes until I have great depth of colour. I now have a pretty good idea of what is going to work and what will not. There will be different shapes overlapping and the over colour effect is not going to be as it appears now! Just keeping you guessing!! 'Phew' I can hear you saying. Yes I hate that green!! I probably will not have time now to do more until I have finished the portrait of Shai. I have bought materials today ready to begin Shai on Monday. Also been busy purchasing food etc for my daughter's 21st tomorrow. No time to pick up a paint brush except when I was a t the art supply shop!! If you enjoyed this post please consider becoming a follower of my blog. See the Followers section down the right side of my blog. You may like to add me to you own blog. If So my link is

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  1. Sal, I'm an avid fan of the tour de france so I'll be paying attention to this one, you are so versatile, I'd seriously baulk at this, if it doesn't have fur I think I'd run away. I love the background so far, it really does capture the spirit of the tour.


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