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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pastel Workshop Boats and Seascapes

The above is pastelled using a reference photo I took at Strahan in Tasmainia earlier this year.

The above is copyright to Regina Hona as it was pastelled using her reference photograph.

I have just spent two days doing a pastel workshop with an artist I greatly admire Regina Hona. The theme was seascapes and boats and we did one picture each day. Being a 'boatie' I was really drawn to this workshop. Neither of the pastel pictures shown here is complete but I thought I would post them both anyway. If you enjoyed this post please consider becoming a follower of my blog. See the Followers section down the right side of my blog. You may like to add me to you own blog. If So my link is


  1. Sally they are lovely, such rich colours, I especially like the boats)

  2. They are both superb Sally. I bet you had a great time at the workshop.

    Great job on both.

  3. Sally, you do LOVELY work! I came to you through Dors' blog, and I'm so glad I did. I have never mastered pastels, and I'm so in awe of artists who do.

  4. Thankyou for your wonderful comments everybody. I am certainly inspired to do more boat and seascape works. Deb I checked out your blog and love your creative and unique realism! Also inspiring!

  5. The splashes of red in that beautiful blue are the perfect touch to make this painting sing...or should I say "sail"? Really great reflections and light!


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