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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Smoeky and Twinkels Finished

Smoeky and Twinkels are now finished and at the framer. I would like to share with you their beautiful character profiles which were supplied by their owner.
Smoeky: Smoeky is 9 years old, she is quite a girl and loves to cuddle against you. She loves to "talk" now and then...either just sitting on your lap and staring at you or if you are laying next to her on the carpet she will lay on her side and 'talk'. She is also Twinkels Mom. Smoeky has been very sick over the last two years but has a strong spirit and is doing so much better....:) She is a real fighter! She loves to sleep on her back when she is feeling well. She LOVES food. She is very, very dear and much loved.
Twinkels: Twinkels is 8 years old. Her name tells you allot about her personality.....she shines where ever she goes. She is a fun girl, full of joy and happiness. She is playful and loves a walk....give me some 'excitement' is her way of enjoying life. Twinkels will give her bone back to you for a ride in the car....:) She loves to be with people and will also try to get more attention then her mother. She is a great joy and just as loved.
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  1. OMG! They both are sooooooooooo cute! If painting is soo gud then in person they would be so adorable! Well done!

  2. Thankyou Megha. I agree they are very cute in fact i am very tempted to get two the same for myself as I miss my pet who died last year.

  3. You made a beautiful job of this pair Sally - white fur can be so difficult but you've made it really come to life. Lovely work!


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