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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eye Lesson for Art Classes Brisbane

Sometimes students have difficulty with certain aspects of drawing and painting. For these students a step-by-step lesson may be developed to instruct them. Above is the final photograph  of a series of photos showing the process of applying pastel to create an eye.
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  1. Very effective Sally ... its amazing how many colours are used to ensure realism isn't it? I'm sure your students are going to benefit from these step-by-step guide.

  2. This is a pretty amazing eye Sally!! would love to see the other steps - but I guess that is your lesson - sorry we are so far up the coast!! Well done - will look forward to seeing more when and if I can!! Cheers!!

  3. Thanks Sue. Yes I am trying to show students just how many colours they may use to represent subjects. Thanks Wyn. I need to photoshop my photos for the step by step a bit and then I will post them here for you to see.

    1. That would be amazing - if you have time - let me know though!! I look forward to it!! Cheers!


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