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Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Weekend!!

I am now going to be focussing on finishing Daffy and Peli Can Can!

Our Boat!
We have just had a long weekend here in Australia. Monday was a holiday "Labour Day". We have a small yacht which we took out on beautiful Moreton Bay for the three days. It was quite eventful. First we arrived at the sailing club and unloaded all our gear onto the boat. Food sleeping bags etc. Then the engine would not start. There was no way we were giving in so we pushed the boat out of the mooring pin and hoisted the sails. This manouvure does have risks but all went without a hitch. We were then sailing beautifully across the bay and my husband went below to make a cup of tea. The metho stove leaked and when he lit it he had a fire which he had to put out with a fire blanket nad extinguisher. I was on the helm so all I saw was the smoke which was probably just as well. After that excitement the weekend went beautifully.

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